Question of the Week?

What makes your family unique?  Share a reason (or several) why your family is special!

I'll start...

My family is special because of my children. They have never referred to one another as step sibling or half siblings, nor us as step parents.  They often get told how much they look alike, and instead of correcting strangers and telling them that they are not "really related", or calling them big fat liars, they smile and say thank you. They are well aware that they do not look alike, maybe similar, they all have a face and hair- but alike...ehh, not so much. My daughter was told that she is a "carbon copy" of her dad...that's not possible because biologically he had nothing to do with her appearance, however she took the words as a compliment! They are a shining example of embracing what you are given and loving the family you have...WHOLEheartedly  :)

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